My Calling

God didn’t add another day in
your life because you needed it,
He added it because
someone out there needs you.

The  first time I read these words, I knew instantly why I was brought into this world, why God has put me into all the things that I have been through.

There is someone out there who needs me. Who needs me every single day to get them through the next waking hour. And this someone has lost their way. And they need me to bring them back into God’s loving arms.

Thank you Lord Jesus for giving me this task. I ask you to please grant me the patience, the courage, the strength, the love and the care to see this person through. Amen.

Open The Eyes of My Heart – Christopher Duffley

In the video is a little boy named Christopher Duffley, singing his heart out.
He is a blind and autistic singer.
In his website it states that: “His goal is to share God’s vision through his inspirational singing.”

I’m posting this video, as his rendition of this song never fails to make me cry. It also strengthens my faith in the Lord, to see this little boy singing to God to open the eyes of his heart.
Let us all follow the steps taken by this boy, to open our hearts to the Lord, for we know that we are loved by Him and that He is always there for us.